Kaoskey has developed commercial products for both preclinical researchers and clinical patients.

Our ASSYST software replaces the arduous task of manually assessing long term video-EEG recording to find seizures – it rapidly processes this data to find seizures with validated gold standard accuracy. It is currently sold around the world for preclinical research with rodent data; and is in clinical trials for detecting absence seizures in humans.

Our new TRIO software detects and logs seizures using a single channel ECG. It is being developed to be a wearable smartphone-based device that offers a novel and discrete method of monitoring / logging / alerting epileptic events when they occur.


Automated Rodent Seizure Detection Software

ASSYST is an interactive software tool aimed to significantly automate the process of identifying seizures and/or other epileptiform events in rodent EEG recordings, in off-line operation mode.


Human Automated Seizure Detection
Our prototype TRIO software system analyses a real-time singe-channel chest ECG recording and – in real time – detects and logs seizures and their parameters.

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