Kaoskey seeks to work with partners worldwide to apply its powerful biological signal analysis capabilities to develop digital diagnostic and therapeutic products for improved patient care.

Technology Development

Over the past five years the Kaoskey team has been developing its patented mathematical and signal processing methodologies for non-stationary (‘chaotic’) signal analysis and decomposition.

We have focused our technology development on two core tasks.

  • Development of novel theoretical approaches for non-stationary biomedical signal analysis.

The major results include:

  • Crucial transition from deterministic methods of classic physics to the probabilistic formalism of quantum mechanics.
  • Introduction of a novel concept of transient deterministic chaos as the source of functional components of biomedical signals.
  • Creation of a universal non-linear model of complex biomedical signals produced by the mass effect of multiple molecular and cellular sources.
  • Employment of these theoretical and computational tools as a ‘mathematical microscope’ to extract additional diagnostic information from the complex dynamics of major biomedical signals. The corresponding algorithms and software packages have been already developed for EEG, ECG, ERP and EMG signals.

Clinical Application Development

Epilepsy Applications

Kaoskey has developed commercial products for both preclinical researchers and clinical patients.

Our ASSYST software replaces the arduous task of manually assessing long term video-EEG recording to find seizures – it rapidly processes this data to find seizures with validated gold standard accuracy.

It is currently sold around the world for preclinical research with rodent data; and is in clinical trials for detecting absence seizures in humans.

Our new TRIO software detects and logs seizures using a single channel ECG.

It is being developed to be a wearable smartphone-based device that offers a novel and discrete method of monitoring / logging / alerting epileptic events when they occur.


Automated Rodent Seizure Detection Software

Our first commercial product using our technology for the assessment of EEGs was launched at SfN in 2018.  The ASSYST software system provides rapid automated detection of seizures and other epileptogenic events (SWDs, HFOs, etc) in long-term rodent EEG recordings. ASSYST is now being used by leading pre-clinical research institutions around the world.


Human Automated Seizure Detection

Clinical validation trials are nearing completion for our new TRIO system. A breakthrough development which applies our non-stationary signal analysis tools to automated and accurate detection, logging and alerting of seizures in humans with epilepsy.

Clinical Partner

In developing and validating our seizure detection products Kaoskey has partnered with Professor Terence O’Brien and his research teams at Monash University and at The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne.

KaosKey is based in Sydney Australia.

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